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Ensuring that your Houston, TX business has the fastest possible wireless Internet access is one of our specialties. DWS Technology offers Wi-Fi hotspot solutions to keep your employees connected, productive and secure wherever they are in your facility – so you can keep your business operations moving forward.

Don't settle for slow Wi-Fi! We can configure your wireless network to ensure maximum performance and security for your employees and visitors. We’ll perform a complete analysis of your facility, and structure your Wi-Fi network to eliminate signal drops and dead zones.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

A Wi-Fi hotspot is an indispensable resource in the workplace. But ensuring consistent Wi-Fi performance can be difficult. The architectural materials of your facility (including concrete, tinted glass, and metal) plus dozens or hundreds of employees’ electronic devices and equipment, can impede wireless frequencies and disrupt your router’s signal, causing diminished data transmission speeds – or even dead zones. Adding a Wi-Fi range booster to your network can mitigate these common impediments, creating a stronger, faster Wi-Fi signal with minimal coverage gaps.

DWS Technology can customize your Wi-Fi to accommodate the number of employees who typically use your wireless network, and mitigate the impact of any physical features of your workspace. We can structure your Wi-Fi network to eliminate dead zones and address any areas that are prone to signal drops – while ensuring that your network remains secure.

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Your employees’ productivity shouldn’t have to suffer from slow Wi-Fi. A Wi-Fi booster, also known as a Wi-Fi network extender, Wi-Fi range extender, or Wi-Fi repeater, can add a significant increase in performance to your network coverage.

While there isn’t technically a difference between Wi-Fi boosters, Wi-Fi repeaters and Wi-Fi extenders, not all Wi-Fi boosting equipment works the same way. There are numerous types of devices available, and our wireless networking team is well versed in selecting the most appropriate Wi-Fi booster for your Houston, TX business’ needs. The best Wi-Fi boosters can dramatically expand the range of your broadband network, often providing more than 10,000 additional square feet of Wi-Fi coverage.

If your office footprint is very large, you most likely can benefit from a Wi-Fi booster to ensure that your signal reaches every corner of your workspace. This includes meeting rooms, flex spaces, or even outside areas where employees may gather.

Another advantage of a Wi-Fi booster is the ability to add faster speeds and new features to your existing Wi-Fi network, including the latest 802.11ac standard. We can upgrade your Houston, TX business to the latest Wi-Fi technology, without having to replace your Wi-Fi router. A Wi-Fi booster can also help to increase the efficiency of your network, enabling it to handle more devices and traffic.

Wireless security is a serious concern for any Houston, TX business’ network, particularly with Wi-Fi hotspots, which represent a significant vulnerability to outside attacks by hackers and criminals. DWS Technology utilizes the strongest end-to-end encryption protocols to ensure that your wireless local area network (WLAN) is protected against all possible attack scenarios.

Site Assessment

At DWS Technology we invest the time to really get to know our customers and their business before we begin their Wi-Fi project. This process starts with the site assessment.

During your initial consultation with us, we will visit your location to assess your wireless network performance. We’ll conduct a thorough walkthrough of your facility, assess your existing routers and networking equipment, and review blueprints and floor plans to develop a detailed plan for the networking equipment that we’ll need. We strive to be as transparent as possible in our process, and to provide you with an accurate price quote the first time. 

One of the biggest complaints we hear from Houston, TX business owners is that wireless networking providers often underestimate on their job quotes. After installation or upgrades completed, customers are often blindsided by an invoice that is significantly higher than what they were expecting initially. 

At DWS Technology, we are up front regarding project costs, and in providing an accurate initial estimate. Not only will we ask for detailed layouts of your property, but we will also take the time to get to know your needs, goals and budget for the project, along with how you might need to expand your wireless network in the future. This allows us to come up with an accurate price quote. We value the relationships we have with our Houston, TX customers, and we strive to build relationships that last for years to come. 

Planning Your Wireless Network

Every wireless networking project we design is developed to industry standards to ensure proper and professional installation. Whether you need improved Wi-Fi performance for new facility construction, an office remodel or expansion, a data center, a school campus network, or any other purpose, our technicians will provide you with a detailed breakdown of labor and materials costs, and a timeline for completion of your project. And we will work to make sure that the project quote is as close to matching your budget as possible.

At DWS Technology, we focus on delivering a quality experience to our customers, no matter the size of your Wi-Fi project. We know that attention to detail and proper procedure is essential to the sustainability and scalability of your wireless network environment. We will work to make your Wi-Fi project as seamless as possible. 

We begin by conducting a consultative session to understand your current network infrastructure needs and your future expansion plans, to design and implement a wireless networking solution to meet your company’s needs for the long term. Our goal is to preserve the flexibility of your environment so it is scalable and ready for future technological advances as well as expansion of your business operations.

We’ll work to ensure seamless configuration between your new equipment and your existing network connectivity, to minimize any impact on your business operations, time and budget. 

And if any issues arise along the way, we will inform your team in real time, so that you are not surprised by unexpected charges in the middle of the project. We feel that this transparency is what sets up apart from other Wi-Fi providers in the Houston, TX area. 

We understand how inconvenient it can be to have a networking project taking place at your home or place of business. You can count on us to determine how best to install your new Wi-Fi boosting equipment with minimal disruptions to your network connectivity or business operations. Our technicians will work to complete your project as expediently as possible, while maintaining strict quality standards. 

We will work with you ahead of the project to schedule an installation time frame that is best for your needs. It may be possible for us to work after business hours if this is a better fit for your schedule. Our goal is to make the Wi-Fi boosting process as seamless for you as we can.


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